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The Nertwork Specialist

NTL LANBASE, S.L. is a reference Communications Network Integrator Company. From the beginning its activities have specialized in the integration of a wide range of networking solutions and services.

Our work is oriented to the design, installation, and maintenance of structured cabling, wireless and radio-link telecommunications networks and to the marketing of communication equipment and final user computer and technological products.

The organization owns collaboration agreements with leading companies in the sector, obtaining the certifications that certify its solvency and organizes the working methods according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

The company has organized its activities and the management of its resources, systematizing them into processes, using the criteria set forth in the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality management systems, which allows us to continuously improve the performance of activities, incorporating the principles quality management methods, criteria, procedures and technical standards of the organization. It also undertakes to meet all customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements, and to meet their needs.

Our aim is to distinguish ourselves as an organization that is close, solvent, flexible, agile and efficient, that meets a wide range of needs, either by locating the product you need, installing networks or responding to service requests, all without prejudice of an adequate risk management.

The organization wants to be close and accessible to the customer and its users. As a result, the responsible sales representatives and technicians are facilitated and identified, while promoting a culture of simple and pleasant treatment.

The organization also aims to operate with agility and speed in all processes related to the client, designing a structure with identified responsibilities, and establishing long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontracted companies that have a flexible service.

The management of resources is carried out with an austere and efficient criterion in all actions. We intend to differentiate ourselves in the ease of communication and in maintaining a response committed to the client’s requirements.

This Quality Policy is reviewed for its continuous adaptation at least once a year, as well as the Quality objectives and goals, constituting a frame of reference for their establishment and review. Likewise, NTL LANBASE, S.L. verifies the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented by conducting quality audits.

The Quality Policy is communicated to all the personnel of the organization in order to be understood at all levels and is available to the public upon request of any interested party.

Coslada a 14 de Junio de 2017

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